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Trend Talk: Slicked-Back Hair

Trend Talk, Slicked Back Hair, Wet-look hair, hair inspiration, hair trend

Thought slicked-back hair was just for guys? Think again. In case you hadn’t realised, the latest hair trend to have us stalking beauty websites and watching YouTube tutorials has been slowly making it’s way off the catwalk and straight onto our style radar. And the best part about it? It’s a look that is super easy to achieve, and has maximum wow factor. If you want to make sure you have the hottest hairstyle down pat this summer, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Slicked back hair, Trend Talk, Wet-look hair, Hair trend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Whilst a jar of hair gel might cause some demons of past hair disasters to reappear (who here survived the gel strand epidemic of the late 90s?), you need to learn to embrace it, because this is your key ingredient to successfully creating the most coveted slicked back tresses. This hair trend is essentially about perfecting that ‘wet-look’. You know the one; when you step out of the ocean, flick your hair back and for about a second your hair is perfectly set in a pulled back, tousled kind of way. Then a breeze sweeps it away, or a wave knocks you over – ANYWAY – those few precious moments of hair flawlessness is exactly what you are after!

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Trend Talk, Slicked Back Hair, Wet-look Hair, Doutzen Kroes, Hair Inspiration

What is also great about this hairstyle, is that you can begin with either wet or dry hair. If you are completely committed to the look, begin with wet hair (best for a bob or short, cropped hair) and simply comb the gel through, from roots to tip, making sure to brush your hair back and away from your face. Do the same thing with dry hair, except only comb the gel through to the back of the head, leaving the ends dry and straightened. Whichever way you decide, itΒ is a strong, sexy statement (team it with a smoky eye a la Emma Watson to really add the va va voom), that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Slicked Back Hair, Trend Talk, Hair Inspiration, Wet-look hair, Emma Watson, Hair Trends

Wet-look hair also combines exquisitely with a ponytail or bun to produce a dramatic, androgynous look that hints you stepped straight off the runway. Whether it’s a sleek side part (or the coolest comb-over anyone’sΒ everΒ seen), or a straight down the middle centre part; which frames your face and further emphasises the ‘slickness’, it’s a quick and easy way to put an end to bad hair days for good.

Trend Talk, Slicked Back Hair, Wet-look hair, Hair inspiration, Hair trend, Miranda Kerr

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Remember to finish with a strong dousing of hairspray, to ensure that your high-shine gleam won’t lose it’s sparkle (also to make sure your hair never moves again) and an extra dose of confidence. This is a powerful style declaration, and you want to make sure you totally own it!

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