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The Haircut You Need Right Now

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Blame it on Lara Bingle. The Aussie ‘It Girl’ has always had a knack for making us swoon over her style choices, and when she debuted her ultra cropped bob, the collective reaction was appropriately over the top hysteria. It was cool, effortless and sexy –and it had us all reevaluating the state of our current hair situation.

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What followed was a seemingly consecutive unveiling of similar cropped styles led by Karlie Kloss, Lily Collins, and Jennifer Lawrence; whose pixie cut has somehow managed to gracefully grow out into the perfect bob (Seriously?!). However, we knew the moment ultimate hair goddess Lauren Conrad (she of the best Cali beach waves ever to have been tonged) chopped off those golden mermaid locks of hers, this style meant serious business.

Lily Collins, cropped bob, short hair, haircut, trend, hair inspiration
Lily Collins

Easily the best thing about this cut is how easy it is to maintain. The look is literally intended to have that ‘just rolled out of bed’ feel, and the more movement and wave your hair has, the better! Wear it with a flicked over side part (Bingle would be proud) or let it fall into its natural part to frame your face perfectly. The slightest use of a curling wand may be required to give it that extra touch of texture, but just ensure you don’t go overboard or you’ll end up with Shirley Temple ringlets, and no, that is NOT a good look.

Karlie Kloss, short hair, cropped bob, fringe, style, haircut, trend
Karlie Kloss

Got a fringe? No problem! Take a leaf out of supermodel Karlie Kloss’ book and use it to soften the bluntness of the sharp edges created by the cut. The ideal length is above the shoulder line, so it can be quite harsh to begin with, but a full or side fringe has the ability to give it a more relaxed, short-hair-don’t-care vibe.

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Lauren Conrad, short hair, cropped bob, hair cut, trend, hair inspiration
Lauren Conrad makes the cut

Take reassurance in the fact that this is a cut that suits pretty much every face shape (Hallelujah!). And if you are stuck in a style rut, it might be exactly what you need to freshen up your look. We imagine this is what Lauren Conrad was thinking when she first chopped her trademark locks off. Conrad then preceded to go shorter, and shorter AND shorter over three weeks, until achieving that perfect jawline length which she uncovered to her adoring (perhaps horrified) Instagram followers.

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Jennifer Lawrence, hair cut, cropped bob, short crop, hair inspiration
Jennifer Lawrence

You know it’s the dream haircut you’ve always wanted to try, so if Bingle and J-Law can make it chic, there is no reason why you can’t either!

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