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Trend Talk: 50 Shades Of Pastel Hair

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Pink fairy floss, mint, lavender and watermelon sorbet; while they may sound like a delicious array of gelato flavours, we’re actually talking about the dreamiest hair colours that you could ever imagine – and this summer, who doesn’t want hair that matches your ice cream?!

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trend talk, pastel hair, mermaid hair, hair inspiration, myer runway

Gone are the days when you were either a blonde, brunette or red head, now the whole rainbow spectrum is available to tone, lighten, highlight and dip dye your hair. Trust us, this isn’t just a passing fad either. Season after season, be it on the runway, in editorial shoots, or on the red carpet, pastel hair has become a reoccurring and continually evolving style and beauty statement.

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It has managed to outlast the wedge sneaker (thank god!), peplums and even the kitschy, bejewelled nail art phase weΒ all went through. With hair trends such an ever changing landscape, and new cuts being hailed ‘THE HAIRCUT OF THE YEAR’ every five minutes, it goes to show the staying power and charm of pastel hair is obviously strong. Now we’ve established it’s here to stay though, time to embrace the candy coloured dreams you’ve always had and brighten up your daily hair routine.

trend talk, pastel hair, nicole richie, mermaid hair, hair inspiration, lilac locks
Nicole Richie with her lilac locks

You know if Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs are sending their models down the runway with pastel hair, then this trend means serious business. And that’s exactly what we saw this year with the Spring/Summer collections showcasing hair that ranged from the palest of pink rinse bobs to locks with half lilac and half baby blue waves cascading down. Locally, the Myer Spring/Summer 15 launch saw renowned hair stylist Kevin Murphy transform the hair of all the models into an explosion of watercolour shades. The look was ‘Scandinavian Mermaid’ and it obvious to see in the wavy, fluid up do’s that were created, and the eye-popping, shimmering pastel shades that gave each model a soft, romantic look.

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Celebrities have also provided vital hair inspo, with no hair colour left undiscovered and the red carpet becoming a sea of corals, baby pinks, turquoise and mauve. With pastel hair now the celebrity norm, it’s the likes of Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborne, who all can’t seem to get enough of experimenting with the most playful hair craze going around (celebrities- they’re just like us!), that are continuing to influence the escalating rise of the trend as well. Not surprisingly, it’s Girls star Lena Dunham who has taken perhaps the biggest hair risk, opting for the mint green option.

There is a fine line between achieving the perfect pastel green hue or looking like you have too much chlorine in your hair, but Dunham has succeeded, resulting in a magical mint hue that compliments her pale complexion. Nicole Richie, queen of hair transformations, has been exploring pastel colours long before they were considered cool and fashionable. Her signature hair tone of lilac is a classic choice, and encapsulates the whimsical, frivolous nature that pastel hair embodies.

trend talk, pastel hair, mermaid hair, hair inspiration, celebrity hair
Lena Dunham, newly minted

If you haven’t already, it’s time to give the pastel hair trend a try. If life with pink and purple mermaid-esque hair isn’t infinitely more fun and invigorating, we don’t know what is. Run, don’t walk for that hair chalk!

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