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Perfect Nail Colours For Summer

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Changing your nail colour is the perfect way to express your moods, compliment your outfit, or just make your nails look super rad. There are a few ‘rules’ you could say, about what kind of colours suit different kinds of season. I personally think you can where what you want, whenever you want. But, wearing brighter colours in summer can definitely get you in the summer spirit.

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The two colours everyone should own is a staple while nail polish and a staple black. These two colours are perfect for all seasons and go with everyone’s wardrobe.

Super bright or pastel colours look amazing in the summer months. Bright colours when you have a tan look more intense and stand out.

Blues and Greens

Pale greens or pastel blue colours look amazing on all skin tones. They’re popular colours that will match everyone.

Pinks and Purples 

Pink and purple nail colours are very neutral on the skin and great if you don’t want to draw too much attention. Very pale colours can really make your nails pop and stand out.

Oranges and Yellows

These two colours are great if you really want to stand out and get in the summer vibes. They look fab and really bring out a tan.

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