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How To: Work Out On Holiday

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You’ve worked hard all year long to get into shape for this holiday, only to indulge a little too much on cocktails and exotic foods.Β All that effort down the drain. Back to square one.

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It’s important to enjoy yourself as much as you can, however you don’t want to be left feeling guilty by the end of the holiday.

When you have a routine going, it can be hard to stick to it once you’re in a new environment. Climate, location and plain old lack of motivation are all factors that may affect your ability to persist in working out.

Here are a few pointers to remember next time you’re jetting off.

Pick A TimeHoliday workout, schedule time, alarm

Did you know, in order to lose or maintain weight you just need to eat well and exercise 30 minutes a day?
Schedule a time for your work out – whether it’s first thing in the morning, or late afternoon.

If you’re not sure which is a better time, remember that you’re more likely to feel energised and ready for the day if you get it done in the morning. When you return back to your hotel after a day of shopping or trekking around tourist sites, sometimes the last thing you want to be doing is a half an hour routine.

Is That A Gym?Holiday workout, travel, fitness centre

If you’re a gym junkie and stress over missing your leg or arm days, make sure you search for hotels that have a fitness centre. Not only does it save you finding a place to work out, but it’s there! Right in front of you!Β You don’t have much of an excuse not to get those muscles flexing.


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Just Keep SwimmingHoliday Workout, Snorkelling, Travel

Most hotels have pools or if you’re off to the tropics, you’re bound to do some snorkelling. swimming is a great way to keep those legs in shape, while still enjoying yourself.

A few laps of the pool each morning or afternoon will keep you feeling fresh!

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