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How To Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

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Trying to condense a walk-in wardrobe plus all your other travel essentials in to one lousy suitcase is not easy. You may only be going away for a week but you need to be prepared for every situation, right?

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You need your cute day clothes, outfits to hit the town in, cute PJs and everything in between. But, by time you squeeze all this in plus your hairdryer, hair straightener, cosmetics, and personal care products space starts getting pretty tight. Not to mention those hefty charges airports add on for exceeding your baggage limit.

The stress of packing your bags for your next trip can be avoided by following some simple tips to make your life easier and your baggage lighter.

Let’s start of simple, 7 days equals 7 pairs of undies and to play it safe 7 pairs of socks, you can’t skimp on these they are essentials!

Then move onto your regular wardrobe. When you’re tight for space mixing and matching becomes your best friend. You don’t need 7 bottoms you can get away with only 2 or 3 pairs of jeans, shorts or skirts, simply mix and match them with different tops and no one will be the wiser. The same rule applies for shoes, if it’s warm pick one pair of either sandals or thongs, then you need a comfortable pair of either canvas shoes or runners, plus a pair of heels or flats for a night out.

Obviously your chosen clothing items will be dependant on weather. If it’s warm always pack at least one warm outfit just to play it safe and vice versa. If it’s cold you only need one winter coat, if you can squeeze it in go two, but remember you need room for your shopping!

Personal care items are the easy part. You know those mini shampoos and deodorants they sell in all supermarkets and major retailers? Well buy them they’re the perfect size for your carry on and take up very little space in your suitcase. For more tips on what personal care items are essentials check out travel-sized must haves for your beauty bag.

Chuck in your extra bits and pieces, along with your travel documents and your good to go. Before you know it your suitcase is ready to go and you’ve got time to have a drink before you hit the road.

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