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A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Fitness

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Perfectly toned legs that seem to stretch forever. Taut tummy with a golden hue. Perfect “bedhead” bun. This is not me. This is the insta-fitness fanatic, who boasts a following of 80,000 people. I am stretched out carelessly, donned in scruffy onesie, wishing I had the motivation of this goddess. Unfortunately, I enjoy ice-cream and watching the bachelor, so much so that it interferes with my ability to take up the gym. Instead, I have come up with some top cheats for the clique, to ensure the perfect fitness/chocolate balance.

Take the ad break fitness challenge

Ever hear the saying “Work smarter, not harder”? Never has this statement rang truer. Make use of the ad breaks between “Bachie” and do a mini workout session. Think jumping jacks, sit ups, maybe even a plank! Reckon you can plank for the ad break duration? I say we start a fitness challenge!

Step it up

If you are desk bound, ensure you get up and stretch every hour. Stick a little reminder in your calendar and take a couple of minutes to walk around the office. Those 10,000 steps a day won’t seem like such a challenge, when you knock some digits off in bite sized chunks.

Dance like no one is watching

This is a particular favourite of the Styleetcetera ladies. No need to be a professionally trained dancer darling. Stick on your jam, pull the curtains and whip out the dance moves. Not only is dancing a super calorie burner, it also improves mood and helps energise. Sounds like a winning combo!

Weight is great

Yup, we all know how fantastic weight lifting is for fat loss. Invest in a pair of dumbbell’s, or improvise with some tinned food items. You can work those biceps and triceps without even leaving your bed! Seems like the perfect workout to us!

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Perhaps the most daunting thing about embarking on a weight loss journey, is wondering just how long that journey is going to be. It is really hard to keep on track with a fitness regime, when you don’t see results. Anyone else weigh themselves after their first gym session? Rather than focus on the 5 kilos you want to shed, focus on the little steps that will get you there. Be it a 30-minute jog, a Zumba class or a HIIT session, what’s important is that you give your all to whatever you do. Don’t worry about the future; your effort today is what matters.

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