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Perk Points: How To Make Yourself Feel Better

perk yourself up

When work stresses you out or you’re just feeling down about life, you need to perk yourself up. Getting a little perk point action is going to be different for everyone, but there are a few things you can do to give yourself that little extra shot of happiness to get through.

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Have a warm drink
Sometimes when you’re feeling crap at work, getting a warm drink like a coffee or a hot chocolate can make you feel cosy and happier. The warm feeling you get is like a cuddle, without having to ask your boss for one.

Get a manicure
Being pampered perks up your mood. If you’re feeling down, take a trip to the salon and pick out a new nail colour. Let them pamperΒ you with a mani-pedi complete with foot massage until you feel better.

Go to the gym
It’s probably the least appealing thing right now, but it’s worth it. Get on the treadmill or do some squats. Sweat out your bad mood and release those endorphins to make yourself feel better.

Have a cuddle
Having a snuggle with a loved one can make you feel better whether it’s your partner, or better yet your mum, having a big cuddle is guaranteed to make you feel a little perkiest. Note: do not ask your boss for a cuddle.

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