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Why ‘Before And Afters’ Matter

It’s that subtle reminder of where you want to be, or how far you’ve come. It’s what’s stuck between you and opening that fridge door – a photo; 10kg heavier, as a result of demolishing dumplings and noodles throughout your entire holiday in China.

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When it comes to holidays, festive seasons – and well, just about all year round – it can be a struggle holding off those few extra kilos. Everyone has their own way of dealing with weight loss or weight gain – taking before and after shots is one of them.

Why does taking photos help in the long run?

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Stay motivated

It’s a constant reminder of what you are trying to achieve. No matter what your fitness goal is, taking a photo at the beginning of your journey, a middle shot and a final shot will make you realise how much you have accomplished. For some people, it takes a while to notice results – this can lead to frustration and loss of motivation.

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It’s not a time to compare yourself to others. You need to compare yourself to you. This isn’t about promoting the idea of what someone’s body should or shouldn’t look like. This is about you. This is about how you feel about your body.

So if you want to lose those 10kg you chucked on last winter, then so be it! If you wan’t or need to put a little more on, go ahead!  Don’t let a soul stop you. Most importantly, don’t let yourself, stop you.

Images via peggynolan, tumblr

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