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Apps To Live By

Apps to Live By

Ever take a trip to the App Store and don’t know what you are looking for? I have decided to put together my top 5 apps right now, in order to take your pain out of choosing. I’m sound like that.


Audible is my absolute favourite at the moment. Brought to us by literary powerhouse Amazon, this app allows you to listen to narrated books. This app is really super for busy bees (like me) who love to read, but also love to gym, tan and laundry – I know, I am totally quoting Jersey Shore here. Think of those boring LISS sessions in the gym; how much more bearable would they be listening to top books such as soon to be movie β€œGirl on the Train”.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run is a novel way of getting the booty into shape. It is a running app that incorporates a couple of ghoulish zombies. There is nothing quite like the living dead to light a fire under your butt and get the heart racing. OK, we know it is a game but it makes exercising that bit more interesting.


Stylect is a favourite for a couple of reasons. One is that is all about the shoes, and the other is that it sounds a little bit like this website; great minds and all of that! The app brings together 300,000 shoes and 5,000 brands into the one place. It is a technological dream come through.

Sydney Food Trucks

Who doesn’t love a good food truck? Sydney Food Trucks is pretty self-explanatory. Find your nearest one, no matter where you are in the city and surrounds. This one is particularly useful post Friday night cocktails.


Mint is a nifty little expense tracker and for a spend whore like me, it is absolute life. It allows you to quickly categorise your expenses, which improves money management. I have found it really helpful, if not a little terrifying at times. Just recently, I had the onset of a mini heart attack when I saw how much I spent on my coffee addiction. What are your favourite apps?

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