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5 Ways To Exercise At Home

5 Ways, Exercise, Home

Have no energy or money to go to the gym? Don’t despair because there are easy ways to exercise in the comfort of your own home. So put on your work out clothes and get moving with these five ways to exercise in your own space.

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1. Dancing

5 Ways, Exercise, Home

Put your favourite tunes on and start dancing! Warm up first by moving your body and then spice it up with some sexy moves. Jumps, hip sways and bend those legs.

Dancing is really good for your heart and mood. So you will get a good work out and feel great.

2.) Workout DVDs

5 Ways, Exercise, Home

There are so many work out DVDs on the market from working your abs to butt work outs and more. Most of them go for about 10 minutes so it won’t be vigorous work outs, thank god!

Doing these work outs for a few minutes each day will leave you looking slim, toned and sexy!

3.) Strength Workouts

5 Ways, Exercise, Home

Strength workouts are really good for the muscles. It tones them and burns fat and you will be left with a toned body. Start off slowly with doing about 10 star jumps, squats, push ups and sit ups and each week add a extra 10 to your work out. Put some music on for motivation and get going!

4.) Serene Yoga

5 Ways, Exercise, Home

Yoga is also a good way to exercise. After a long day at work, get home, roll the mat out and put some relaxing music on. Do some yoga poses and you will be feeling super chilled and happy. Plus, you will get a good work out by stretching your muscles.

5.) Calming Walk

5 Ways, Exercise, Home

Put some shorts and a sports bra on and go for a 15 minute walk. It’s really good for your body and health. Your mood will also improve, you’ll have a different scenery and you’ll look sexy.

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