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Top Motivations To Get Up And Work Out

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Okay, so I really wanted to title this article “top motivations to get up and work out by a demotivated slug that constantly needs to remind herself to exercise – and often fails miserably”. Many friends and family found it surprising when I decided to take up jogging/running last month, because I never developed an interest nor could gather up the motivation needed to start in the past.

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I know some days the struggle is real trying to find the willpower to put the laptop down, crawl out of bed and get moving. But here is a list of a few little things that inspire me to just lace up my shoes and go, from one exercise-dreader to another.

1. Cute, but appropriate, gym clothes

Now I know that no one (except Instagram girls) look cute when they exercise and work out, but there’s just such an inexplicable confidence boost knowing that at least your outfit is on point. It’s superficial I know and no one else cares what you look like, but I know that if I buy an adorable sports bra then I feel guilty if it’s left unused, and voila there is my motivation to go for a run.

2. New tunes

If, like me, you absolutely need music to hype you up as you work out, then you know that there is no greater feeling then getting your heart pumping to some new music. Download an entire album and get familiar with the tracks and let it keep you company. It can be very calming to clear your mind and feel totally focused from outside distractions, with the aid of some music.

3. Small victories

A sneaky little motivator is to reward yourself a little after you’ve achieved your goals for the day. A nice little treat that I sometimes do is run for an hour and stop for ice-cream on my way home to congratulate myself. Of course, you can change and cater this tip to your own diet and lifestyle choices. Soon you won’t have to trick yourself into exercising with any rewards, but it’s good to be proud of small victories to build your morale and confidence.

4. Find motivation elsewhere

Try running or exercising with someone else. You may even find your competitive nature kicks in and you may actually start to find exercising enjoyable! If you can’t snag a running budding or prefer working out alone (I’m with you there!), there are many gadgets and apps that you can buy or download to push you. The app Zombies, Run!, for example, treats exercise like an adventure in which you have to keep running to avoid zombies and continue the narrative. Nothing gets those legs going faster!

5. Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals for yourself, and most importantly, remember why you’re working out. Whether you’re pumping it out at the gym, or going for a brisk walk, all exercise is good exercise. And whether it’s to stay fit, lose weight, getting you’re breathing patterns in check or otherwise, setting goals that are realistic can be a powerful motivator to go out an achieve them.

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