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How To: Wear Flared Jeans Right

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Flares appeal to a particular style. They’re classically retro but can also be very elegant when dressed up and worn in certain styles and materials. And though the word flares brings out a fear in many fashionistas, when done right, they are fabulous!

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However, if they’re done wrong, it can be hard to recover from the fashion mishap that everyone will remember.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Kate Moss all know how to get flared jeans right. The key things that can be heard about flares is that they elongate the legs and make them look thinner. But if your flares aren’t worn right, they can have the opposite effect. Take a look at our list of flare do’s and flare don’t’s so that you can bring back some great 70’s style.

flares, jeans, style, how to wear

Do: Get Your Flares Hemmed

Making sure that your flares are hemmed at the right length for the shoes that you will be wearing them with will stop any confusion about where your shoes are. It will also stop your pants from running along the ground, causing them to tear and look tacky. Being the right length for your shoes, whether they be flats or heels, will have the look in proportion to your body.

Don’t: Switch Your Shoes With The Same Pair Of Flares

If you are looking to wear different shoes with your flares, you might want to invest in more than one pair, otherwise they will be looking too short or too long. As per the above point, if you usually wear your flares with heels, switching the usual for flats will cause them to drag on the ground, making that awful swishing sound and getting them tattered on the bottoms.

Do: Work Different Textures and Patterns

You might want to wear a gorgeous pair of cream, flared trousers to work, but they aren’t necessarily suiting your fun weekend style. Playing around with colours and patterns is a great way to find your perfect pair that are a little more relaxed for weekend wear.

Don’t: Be Too Casual

Flares themselves can be quite casual, so make sure to always dress them up with a great bag and some killer accessories to not look overly hippie-ish.

flares, jeans, style, how to wear

Do: Play On Retro Style With A Modern Twist

The 70’s is so back in fashion. There are different flares to be had in every store you go into and it’s a great way to play on the retro style. Teaming them with tucked-in, oversized band t-shirt and a pair of vintage sunnies is a great way to have some fun with the outfit, but make sure to keep it dressed up with a pair of heels and even a blazer.

Don’t: Be Too Carefree With The Fit

Flares can be a great addition to your wardrobe if they fit right. Without going into too much of a bellbottom, your flares should be fitted to the knee and then gently flare out from the calf.

flares, jeans, style, how to wear

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