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Trend Talk: Flared Jeans Are Making A Comeback

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Since the mid-2000s skinny jeans have dominated the market but in a time where past styles are being reintegrated in numbers an old silhouette is making a refreshing comeback. Flared jeans are the latest trend and are being worn by everyone from Victoria Beckham to Karlie Kloss.

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Flared pants originated in the early 19th century but it wasn’t until the 70s that bell bottoms and flared jeans skyrocketed to popularity. In the 70s, satin was the fabric of choice and the wider the hemline the more fashionable you were considered.

This season, flared jeans are becoming a chic alternative to skinny jeans especially in summer because they give off a relaxed vibe but keep in mind that they are harder to wear. Flares have bohemian connotations and can be associated with ABBA-mania and Saturday Night Fever so it’s important to give the jeans a modern twist when styling them or else you’ll look as though you’re attending a costume party.

The versatile appearance allows them to work well with a slouchy blouse or a fitted top and they can be worn with trench coats and blazers but heels are a must. The most important thing to remember is that fit and length are key factors. The jeans should be tapered till the knee and then flare out and the hem should skim the front of your heels. The variety of washes also helps make these jeans versatile and means that can you wear an indigo pair for a meeting or attend a casual lunch in stonewash.

As with any trend revival, it’s vital that you rework and restyle it to fit in with the current times and with your own wardrobe instead of looking as if you’ve gone back in time.

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