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Trending: Slinky Style

trending: slinky pieces

Fashion is a lot sexier these days, what with cheeky cut out panels, skin baring frocks and daring sheer pieces, I’m surprised there aren’t a higher amount of wardrobe malfunctions.

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One such slinky fashion piece is the silky satin slip dress and its spin off pieces like tops and pants and robe style gowns and shawls.

Silky pieces have remained popular over the past few years, giving off immense sex appeal even if not too much skin is shown.

Think Kylie Jenner in her slinky maroon gown at last year’s American Music Awards, Selena Gomez at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Rihanna on pretty much any red carpet.

trending: slinky pieces

A slinky piece adds a chic sense of style which is almost Parisian. It’s sleek and fresh and has become more mainstream, letting go of bedroom nightie images, but not that sexy subtlety.

A shorter slinky dress can be more daring than a thigh slit gown, because of its neglige tendencies. If you’re not comfortable with baring so much skin, opt for a satin skirt or pair of shorts rather than a singlet.

While the slink trend seems like it would be much more suitable for a night out, you can invest in some great pieces that are work suitable, such as a pair of flowing culottes or a robe jacket that you can pair with cotton pieces.

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