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Trend Talk: Glitter Cut Crease

glitter cut crease makeup

We’ve seen it on Instagram, at fashion week and on the red carpet, so it’s no doubt that a glitter cut crease is the latest it-thing when it comes to makeup.

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Moving up from the eyeliner line to the crease of the eye, the glitter creates a lovely medium and depth to your eye without being too over the top and reminiscent of disco days. But it is quite dramatic, so it’s best left as an evening look for when you want to pull out something special.

When working with glitter, it’s imperative that you keep things neat because if you let it flow free, you will never see the end of it and you may even get some in your eye which can be incredibly irritating. To ensure a great end result, it’s essential to invest in the right tools, which means picking out your products carefully.

A glitter eyeliner can be an easier way to pull off this look. It’s quicker and less messy and creates a simple draw and go motion, just like that of your eyeliner. But it may no achieve as much of a dramatic colour and effect as loose glitter that you can apply yourself.

Loose glitter is much more prone to fall out, so start with your eyes and finish with your foundation, once you have rid your cheeks of all the excess glitter. A great glue is also needed to keep the glitter on all night.

As an alternative, use both! The glitter eyeliner acts as a sparkly base and the loose glitter adds the extra effect over the top to ensure that your glitter cut crease can be seen.

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