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5 Accessories You’ll Need This Year

If there is one sure way to spice up an outfit or your wardrobe, it’s with some kick ass accessories! Trends come and go, and it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world.

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The best way to stay in the style loop is by keeping your standard wardrobe or some fashion staples. By doing this you’re not constantly buying new/expensive clothes and have a super basic wardrobe that just needs some spritzing but with some accessories that go with the current trends.


Belts are an absolute must have this year! Even if your pants aren’t prone to falling down wearing a belt is a huge trend with jeans or shorts. Wear a simple black belt, or even something with a little bling on the buckle. Tuck in a simple t-shirt into your jeans for the perfect belt peek-a-boo.


Caps are totally in this year. I recently bought a ‘leather’ cap and have been loving it. They’re a great way to spice up any casual day look, and lets not forget the fact that they protect your face from the sun!

Another great hat option if you’re not cap person is a wide brimmed hat. They’re always in fashion, its just about finding the style that suits you best. Classic floppy hats are very universal and suit anyone.


Retro style and quirky sunglasses are going strong this year, especially the classic rounded Ray Bans. It seems like everywhere I look everyone is trying to be a John Lennon look-a-like. The rounded Ray Bans can be a bit expensive, but there are heaps of dupe for them out there. Go for something that’s coloured or mirrored for a trendy look.

Neck Pieces

High neck tops and chokers are still big in 2016, especially accenting your neck with a scarf or a nice statement necklace. Thin scarves are great because they’re not too chunky and draw attention to your neck. The same goes for a pretty neck choker.


Lastly we have earrings! Super long dangly earrings are back, which is great because they can really finish off a look and jazz it up. You can go for the short kind if the really long ones annoy you, otherwise go all out.

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