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Trend Talk: Rainbow Hair Dye

Rainbow Dye

Interested in rainbow color hair dye? Well, it’s super hot right now and a lot of people are doing it! It’s fun, colorful, bold and creative.

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Want a new hair change? then be a part of this rainbow color hair trend! Go to a salon or get your own multi colored hair dye.

Hair stylists love it and even pop stars, mainly Katy Perry, who is always changing her hair with bold colors and has even dyed her hair with this trend!

Natural and Rainbow Color Hair

Pastels, end

Want to keep your natural hair color but want something different? Well, you can color the bottom layers of your hair with this color. Or even the underneath layers of your hair. It will be hidden but still stick out.

With this look, you will still keep your natural color but spice it up with multi colors. You will look bold, creative and stunning!

Full Rainbow Color Hair


Want a completely different look? Dye all your hair in these rainbow colors! The pastel colors are light therefore it won’t be to bold and out there!

You will look good and like a colorful, trendy babe. We love it!

Bolder Rainbow Hair Dye


If you’re a more vibrant chic, go for the darker rainbow dye shades! For a not all out there look, wear the dye on the bottom length of your hair, underneath the top layers. As it’s so dark, the colors will still show!

If you’re a gal that likes to take risks and makes bold choices, dye all your hair with this color. You’ll sure stand out and reveal your creative and bright streak!

This definitely is worthy of being a trend talk! It adds creativity and color to your hair and it will give you confidence!

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