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5 Spring Hairstyles

Spring is on its way and we can’t wait. Nature comes back to life and we come out of hiding from layers of clothes.

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Hairstyles are super important because they make us look and feel good. There are easy ways to style your hair for spring and it will leave you looking even more stylish and beautiful.

Read more for 5 hairstyles that will get you in the mood and looking good for spring.

1. Simple Half-Up Bun

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This style is perfect for long lengths. Sweep the front pieces of hair into a simple round bun or you could curl the front pieces into a elegant twirled bun.

Whatever you prefer, it’s simple and easy to do and you will look elegant and beautiful. You will show your face more, which is perfect for a spring’s glow.

2. Angel Braid Halo

Spring Style, 2016, Hairstyles, Braid Halo

Super cute, stylish and elegant. Want to look this way, well braid your hair and curl it up into a halo shape. The front pieces will sit on the front top of your head. You will look like a spring angel.

Style your hair this way for a perfect outdoor spring party or concert and If you really want to get into the spring mood, add some flowers into your halo braid. We love this style!

3. Spring Waves 

Spring Styles, 2016, Hairstyles, waves

Not in the mood to spend to much time on perfecting a hairstyle, the answer is, leave your hair down and make it wavy.

Use a curling iron and hair care products to make the perfect waves. You will look fresh and sexy without needing to do much work. This style would be perfect for chilling out at the beach.

4. Sleek Tuck Back

Spring Styles, Trendy, Sleek Tuck back

Tuck your hair behind your shoulders without having to tie it up. Use your hair’s natural oils to slick it back. All you need to do is use a paddle brush, flat iron and some pomade for this cool, wet look.

Sit back on a lounge chair by the pool and soak up the sun. You won’t need to worry about your hair being wet as it is already slicked back.

5. Cute and Sassy Bangs

Spring Styles, 2016, Hairstyles

The cute and stylish bangs.  There’s so many ways that you can wear it from parted in the middle, to the side or straight across. Whatever way you choose to wear it, you will still look stylish and cute. Bangs are perfect for when you want a hair change without cutting to much off and you can do it at home.

So there you have it ladies, some easy to do at home hairstyles without getting a complete new hairstyle at the hairdressers. Be creative and most of all have fun. You will look good and fresh for the crisp sunny spring days.

Images: Getty, PopSugar and Madison Reed

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