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Tips For Going From Blonde To Brunette

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With the colder months coming up it’s time for some of us to ditch the sunny blonde and say hello to mahogany or chocolate brown. While it seems like an easy task, there are some simple tips that you should follow to ensure your brunette hair is more bombshell than blah.

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When dying from blonde to brown, it is advisable to choose a warm brown with red, chocolate or caramel tones to keep your features alive. Too dark and dull will make you look bland and sick. Flat browns cause hair to look inky, so to get a great brunette colour add highlights or other tones of brown. This adds depth and shine to your hair colour.

It is better to darken your hair during winter as summer sun, salt and water will cause the colour to fade and seem bland. You will also need to update your shampoo, ditching the lightener and toner and investing in a shampoo that will protect your colour and maximize shine.

You may also need to change your makeup to enhance your features with your new hair colour. Brunettes need bolder makeup colours and styles so as not to drown in their hair colour and seem flat.

When making this transformation, it is best to visit your hair professional especially if your hair has been bleached. Your hair dresser is also able to help you pick a tone that will suit your complexion and getting a salon colour will avoid any blue-green undertones if you accidentally go too dark.

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