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Top 5 Herbal Teas

Herbal tea, Fruity, Sweet, Crisp

Herbal teas are the best! They’re perfect if you want to cut down on caffeine and for relaxing. There are so many flavours to choose from, from chamomile to fruity and fresh flavours.

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Here are my top 5 herbal teas:

Tea, Herbal, Chamomile1. Relaxing Chamomile Mixtures

You can get chamomile on it’s own but to spice it up, you can get different flavours mixed together. There’s spearmint, spicy apple and honey and vanilla. The honey and vanilla is my favourite, as honey and vanilla really blend well together.

Before bed, make up a chamomile and mixed tea and you will feel relaxed and all ready to sleep.

Herbal Teas, Fruits, Sweet2. Sweet FruityΒ Flavors

Want a sweet tea,Cranberry and Pomegranate mixture is the way to go! It’s filled with a fruity flavour and it will leave you with a sweet tang. It has healthy benefits as well.

The best time to have a cup is during the day and you will feel fresh.

Herbal Tea, Peppermint, Crisp3. Crisp Peppermint

Peppermint tea is a really good for your well being plus it’s really yummy! It has a fresh, crisp taste. Have a cup during the day with your lunch and you will feel fresh for the rest of the day.

Herbal Tea, Spicy, Cinnamon and Orange4. Sweet Spice Cinnamon

For a sweet spice flavor, have a cup of orange and cinnamon tea! The cinnamon adds a spicy tang to the sweet tang of the orange.

They blend well together and it gives you a sweet spicy taste like Chai!

5. Powerful Ginger

Herbal Tea, Ginger, Strong

Ginger has a real strong tang to it but the added apple mixture to it makes it less strong. It also gives a sweet tang to it!

Ginger is really good for the stomach so have a cup when your stomach aches. It’s still good for any other occasion, as it is a warm and fruity mixture.

Stock your cupboard with these super tasty flavors and each day mix it up and have a different flavor!

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