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The Lowdown on Detox Tea

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On seeing yet another online influencer promoting the awesomeness that is detox tea, I got thinking about the credibility of the fad. I use the term fad loosely, as tea-toxing has been around for many years. In the past, such supplements were limited to the shelves of specialist shops.

However, in today’sΒ land of social media, detox teas have been firmly placed in the mainstream. So is it a craze or a fat burning dream?

Herbal Tea

In the confusing world of weight loss, it is easy to see why many women and men gravitate towards a particular school of lifestyle thought. Gluten free, vegan, ketogenic and paleo are just some of the terms bandied around. For a person struggling with weight loss, it is not uncommon to go through the diet motions. Vegetarian today, Atkins tomorrow! Following a particular discipline, albeit for a short period, gives us a glimpse of hope that we might now, be on the right weight loss track. The thing is, losing weight is not easy, and deep within all of us, and we know it is a simple case of hard work. Perhaps detox teas are just another set of rose-tinted glasses in the frustrating world of dieting.

Specialty versus Supermarket Tea

Most detox teas claim to do just that; detox. They also promise to beat the bloat and burn some pounds. Are these specialty detox teas simply the supermarket herbal ones in an expensive disguise? Perhaps.We can probably agree that herbal teas have some benefits, such as aiding in better sleep (in comparison to regular black tea). DoΒ detox teas really offer anything more than these supermarket options? It could be argued also, that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, lean meats and fish is enough to detoxify the body.Why then, should we spend money on an unnecessary extra?

A more dark side to some detoxifying teas is the presence of Senna. Senna can irritate the bowel and cause a laxative effect. Weight loss is definitely not worth the price of your precious health.
Many celebrities and insta-influencers have long hailed the taking of such teas in conjunction with healthy lifestyle. I however, have to wonder is it another case of the long suffering dieter trying to fool themselves? What are your thoughts?

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