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Top 5 Getaways To Escape Winter

5 places to escape the winter

We’re quite lucky to live in the southern hemisphere, because when it gets cold, we’ve got most of the world to choose from for an escape winter holiday. We’ve got the whole world at our fingertips when it comes time to pull on our woolly coats. Winter is well and truly upon us, and if you’re looking to chase the sun we’ve got the top 5 places to escape to so you don’t have to face the cold Sydney winds.

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Greek Islands, Greece

Who would say no to a couple of weeks sunbathing and sailing around the greek islands? Incredibly beautiful and historical, Greece is one of the top destinations to travel this summer and there are so many tours you can participate in that will give you that summer party atmosphere that will be sure to make your Instagram followers jealous.

5 places to escape the winter

San Diego, USA

With a distinct Mexican flavour, San Diego is a great place to spend your holiday. Its warm, surfy culture will have you at a beach bar with a tequila sunrise in no time. Totally relaxing, it’s got plenty of the three important things in a summer holiday; sand, sun and shopping.

5 places to escape the winter

Marseille, France

You’ve been to paris with its city beauty, but if you’re looking for a summery getaway, head to the south of France. On the Mediterranean coast, Marseille is the second biggest city to paris, but has a mixture of cultural flavours and is the biggest shipping port in France.

5 places to escape the winter

Dubai, UAE

It can’t get hotter than being in a desert right? With a gorgeous, white sand beach and heaps of fun things to do, including shopping and lounging around at beautiful resorts, Dubai should be up there on your list of escaping winter getaways

5 places to escape the winter

The Big Island, Hawaii

Want to getaway but not be surrounded by tourists and children? Then ditch Oahu and Maui and head over to The Big Island for some relaxing resort time. The cocktails and beaches are waiting and so are those amazing volcanic views.

5 places to escape the winter

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