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Best Shopping Holiday Destinations

best shopping vacations

Some save up to go on a holiday and relax. Others save up to go on a holiday and shop up a storm at the amazing retail opportunities that you can’t find at home.Β 

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There are some destinations in the world that are made for shopping holidays. You know, the type of holiday where you go away with one half-packed suitcase and you come back with three. For some, this is just a normal holiday that you’ve saved so hard for, but if you’re new to a shopping holiday, there are some must visit destinations to shop up a storm and fill up your suitcases.

1. New York, USA

Can you really look past the city that never sleeps as your number one shopping holiday destination? Didn’t think so. Between the four B’s (Bendel’s, Barney’s, Bergdorf’s and Bloomingdale’s), the famous Tiffany & Co, Century 21, Sak’s 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue and boutiques in the Meatpacking, Soho and Brooklyn as well as favourites like Sephora and Victoria’s Secret, there is really no need to elaborate on why you should save up and head to New York for all your shopping needs.

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2. Paris, France

Give your Amex a workout and visit fashion houses and boutiques in Paris. There is no way to feel more chic than stepping into Rue Saint HonorΓ© with Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes and high end boutiques all at your finger tips. Finish off your shopping day with a hot chocolate and delicious pastry at Angelina.

3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is home to the largest shopping mall in the world, and around forty other malls also. The city’s main income is retail and the Dubai Mall has 1,200 stores and receives around 75 million visitors per year. You can also visit market to pick up unique goods at stalls that no one will have back home.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has become a prime shopping destination for designer and unique goods. Ladies Market and Temple Street Market are great places to visit, among other night markets for bargains and goods to fill up your case. If you’re looking for designer goods, check out The Land Mark Hong Kong Shopping Mall for all your favourite designer stores in one place. There are also plenty of outlets to choose from is you’re looking for score some cheaper items.

5. London, England

Whether it’s high end or high street, London has all your shopping needs. Oxford Street in West End has a mix of department stores, fashion chains and market stalls for the savvy shopper, while Bond Street houses the high end brands for your obligatory Burberry visit. Carnaby Street is also a great place for shopping, with touristy shops and great clothing stores, you’re guaranteed to find something excellent.

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