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Top 10 Travel Destinations For 2015

Did you know that an overseas holiday trip doesn’t have to be Europe? In the past Europe has been a budget friendly, popular holiday destination for intrepid Aussie travellers. But, surveys have shown that we’re getting more aspirational and exploratory with our holiday plans.

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It’s time to get more exotic and ditch down under for some of the best holiday destinations on Earth. So without further ado, here is Skyscanners top 10 destinations that are certain to surge in popularity in the New Year.

1. Myanmar

A part of Burma in South East Asia, this delight is a hidden gem that’s previously untouched by tourism. Flight searches to this country have raised by 56 percent with many luxury hotel brands planning to jump on this new and exciting travel trend.

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2. Mykonos

Greece’s favourite party island has experienced a revival in popularity after Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Lohan, and a long list of celebrities have been spotted painting the town red. 2015 will see this hotspot advertised as the cheaper, more fun version of Ibiza.

3. Iceland

Iceland’s incredible natural landscapes have seen Aussies search flight schedules to this captivating country by 32 percent in the last year. This is understandable considering it’s home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes and geothermal springs. 2015 is predicted to see an increase in the frequency and solar activity of the Northern lights in the region making it one of the best places to experience this natural wonder.

4. Brazil

The FIFA world cup has thrown this South American destination back on the map with Aussies interest in the country rising by 45 percent.

5. Panama

Over the past few years Panama has become easier to get to and has undergone extensive developments in urban infrastructure making it a more tourist friendly destination.

6. New Caledonia

This tiny and remote island was a popular tourist destination in the early to mid 2000s as a cheep and cheerful holiday for budget-conscious travellers.Β 2015 will mark the revival of the islands tourism industry with its new image as an eco-friendly niche hotspot for wealthy travellers.

7. Seoul, South Korea

The Korean wave is still going strong after gangham style rose to popularity 2 years ago. Us Aussies are still craving some of this cities popular culture as it’s popularity as a tourist magnet continues to soar.

8. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is earning itself a well-deserved reputation as a favourite destination for international travelers. It’s not surprising given it’s popular cuisine, beautiful beaches, and luxury hotels. Sri Lanka’s first film festival this year has helped with it’s boom in popularity and Australians are catching on with flight searches raising by 19 percent.

9. Nicaragua

Boasting it’s suitability for eco-tourism, adventure travel, budget travel, and luxury travel, Nicaragua is an all rounder perfect for everyone. The booms believed to be linked with the country opening its first luxury hotel back in 2013.

10. Okinawa, Japan

A string of new luxury hotels with world-class diving, unspoiled jungles and white beaches are drawing Aussies to the thousands of subtropical islands that span the South China Sea. The islands ancient culture and cuisine is expected to make this area popular for travellers in 2015.

We think it’s time to refresh your travel bucket lists and hit up some of the world’s new faves.

What place do you want to visit most?

Image viaΒ The Guardian

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