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6 Amazing And Affordable Countries To Spend Your Gap Year

Most of us grunt our way through our final year of high school and university degrees or quickly join the rat race of the real world – but all with the dream of someday chucking it in to spend a year in a foreign country. For many of us, this means waiting tables or tending bar while living in squalor in London or breaking the bank in Europe. But it doesn’t have to be that way – and here are the alternatives:

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Places that used to be affordable or ideal locations to spend a year working abroad are no longer the best options, but don’t fret because their are plenty of fantastic places to explore in this wonderful world of ours without entirely selling your soul.

1. Thailand

Average monthly rent: $300

Average monthly utilities: $70

If you choose to run away to Thailand you’re bound to run into other expats with it being one of the top destinations for intrepid Aussies. Home to the worlds largest budha and some of the worlds most picturesque beaches Thailand marks one of the cheapest most heavenly places on Earth for youngsters to live.

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2. Guatemala

Average monthly rent: $320

Average monthly utilities: $120

Did you know the Mayans invented the chocolate bar? They’re also the forefathers of many modern discoveries and living a heartbeat away from the Mayan ruins is a blessing in itself. Plus you can pick up a monthly transport pass for around $20, we’re already sold!

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3. Malaysia

Average monthly rent: $223

Average monthly utilities:$50

Splash some cash around in Malaysia’s modern cities with all the dough you’ll save on essentials. Soak up as much culture as you can before returning home, because honestly a year is never enough.

4. Panama

Average monthly rent:$450

Average monthly utilities: $75

Watch as the sun rises in the Pacific and sets in the Atlantic, exploring the splendour of Panama’s tropical rain forests all within the city limits. We think calling Panama home is a pretty splendid idea.

5. Nepal

Average monthly rent: $90

Average monthly utilities: $30

Yes, those figures are correct and yes this is a hell of a place to settle in to. Nepal is sandwiched between India and China and is a cultural hub for diversity and spirituality. Nepal is definitely a good country to find yourself in.

6. Vietnam

Average monthly rent: $300

Average monthly utilities: $50

If you’re well versed in the art of being a foodie, this should be a must-live place on your list. There is an abundance of locally grown produce that’s dirt cheap and there’s no expectation to tip. Time to build up some overseas fat? Sure why not.

Moving away from home has never been so tempting, with average monthly rent in Australia hitting $1500 and up you’d be saving yourself a fortune in taking the leap to living in a diverse culture away from home.

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