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How To Throw A Great Thanksgiving Party

Thanks giving is creeping closer so if you’re stuck with not knowing what to do, don’t worry there’s helpful advice on the way. It’s a holiday filled with heaps of food and dessert with family or friends. Want to throw a awesome party and need ideas then read on for my tips on how to throw a eventful party.

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Food List

Thanksgiving, food ideas

Food is one of the must do’s for this holiday. Turkey, pumpkin, potatoes, rolls and gravy are the set menu so make up recipes with these ingredients and you can’t go wrong. Make a yummy pie, pumpkin or apple for dessert. It’ll be a nice sweet flavor after all the main meal flavors, plus it’ll impress guests.

Creative Decor

Dinner table decorations

Fill your table with decorations – fall theme. Brown, orange color leaves will work well and add some pine cones as it’s a thanks giving ornament. Place a bowl of flowers this season’s colors, how ever many you like and it’ll leave a refreshing aroma. Light some candles to set a light and soothing mood. Write your friends names on cards and place it by their plates for more creativity.

Don’t Forget The Drinks

Spicy Cocktails

Alcohol is needed at parties as it lets guests enjoy themselves and gives you something to do whilst waiting for the food. There’s a special cocktail to fit the occasion – a spiked Bourbon hot apple cider. All you need to do is mix bourbon with orange juice and apple cider. Pour it into a jug and don’t forget to add a cinnamon stick on top.

Fun Board Games

Board games

After everything is eaten bring out the board games. Doesn’t matter which ones but for funΒ Game Of LifeΒ or trivia questions will be the best. Pour some more cock tails and have fun with your friends and family.

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