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How To Dress For Your Christmas Party

Event attire

Receive any themed invitations to events and have no idea what to wear? I have the same problem but don’t despair as there are many tips on choosing the right outfit to fit the theme. Black tie, cocktails, festive and work events, there’s many outfits to choose from! Read on for my tips on the best outfits to dress to impress!

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Elegant Black Tie

Event, Black Tie, Formal

For a black tie event, a long black dress is the way to go! For a sexy and stylish look, wear a v neck one to showcase that cleavage. Make sure the dress is lace as it will stick to your body and reveal those curves.

Add a silver bracelet and necklace, as silver matches with black. Wear silver high heels as well for a perfect touch! In this elegant but sexy outfit, you will be the talk of the party.

Mini Cocktail Attire

Event, Cocktail, Mini dress

A cocktail outside party? A mini dress is the way to go! Wear a tight fitting mini with a floral design on top of the strap, resting on your shoulder. This will give a different element to this plain sexy outfit. Choose any colour you like, wear tall high heels and some bling!

Shiny Festive Attire

Event, Festive, Sequins

A Festive event? Wear a sequin dress, any length will do! For a more formal attire, wear a long sequin dress. What will make it revealing and sexy is the slit, which reveals those legs. Wear a tight fitting one to showcase those curves! For a less formal attire, wear a mini one to impress!

Office Work Event Attire

Event, Work, Elegance

At a work event, you will still want to maintain a professional, simple and elegant look. Wear a plain knee length dress. It’s straightforward and maintains a formal professional look! Wear a black colour dress to showcase the elegant side to your look.

There you have it ladies, with these tips and outfit choices you can’t go wrong in choosing a outfit to fit the themed event!

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