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Our Latest Style Crush: Lourdes Ciccone

Lourdes Ciccone

Following firmly in her mother’s footsteps, Lourdes is definitely not shy in the fashion stakes. Her olive skin and ebony hair is a tribute to her father’s Cuban roots, but she gets the clothing shock factor from Madonna.

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At only 19, she is definitely a front runner in the style department, with rock and roll forming the foundations of her look book.  Here are some of our personal favourite outfits from the young Ciccone.

Lourdes Ciccone


Enviously toned midriff. Check. Fashion straight out of the nineties a la TLC. Check. Cute French braids. Check. Absolutely loving Lourdes laid back style here.

Lourdes CicconeSexy

In this look, Lourdes is flaunting her beautiful legs in a super short Aztec print. The dress is sexy, without being trashy, as she is following the legs or chest rule to a T. Hair is kept sleek and straight, for a simple yet gorgeous look.

Lourdes CicconeEdgy

Something about this outfit says circus ringmaster to me. Maybe it is the bowler hat in hand. Or it could be the wild animal print leggings. Whatever it is, she is carrying off a very brave get-up, that many others would fail miserably at. Lourdes, keep surprising us; we love your style.

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