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How To: Dress Up For Work

Work, How To, Dress It Up

Ladies, have you ever felt hopeless when trying to choose a awesome stylish trendy outfit for work but just have no idea where to start? Don’t despair. Looking good for work whilst sticking to the professional office dress code is easier than it seems.

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Read more for some tips on how to dress it up for work.

1. Taking Trends To The Office

Dress it up with a long black cotton pencil skirt with a soft fabric white cotton button down shirt. It’s long sleeved and what makes it so stylish is the flared sleeves. Tuck your shirt in your skirt and you will look stylish and professional.

Wear pointy toe pumps, whichever color suits you and add a awesome stylish tote bag to put in all your important essentials and it will look great next to your desk.

This outfit will make you look like a professional trendy office babe and it will make you feel good to be at work, we hope!

2. Long Pants And A Stylish Blazer

Long soft stretched pants and a blazer will go really well. You will look stylish, sexy and professional.

Mix up some colors, such as grey or black and wear black high heels or boots. The pants will fall over the length of your boots therefore all that will be peeking out, is the pointy or round toe area.

You will feel like a corporate queen and for the cold days it’ll keep you warm.

3. Designer Dresses

Work, How To, Dress It Up

In spring and summer, wear a stylish medium length dress to work. You will still look sexy and professional.

Mix it up with any color and print, floral will be perfect for a hot summer’s day and a marble print will keep you looking stylish and sexy.

This look will also be perfect for when you want to have a few drinks with coworkers after work because you don’t need to go home and dress. We Love it!

4. Casual Fridays

Work, How To, Dress It Up

To still have a stylish and professional look but in a casual way, wear denim jeans, whatever colour you wish but black would be the best to keep a professional look. Wear a trendy formal shirt underneath a black blazer.

Wear brown leather flat shoes, this will really make you look like you belong in the office and keep accessories to the minimal.

So there you have it ladies, 4 easy tips on how to look good in the office whilst sticking to the dress code.

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