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The ‘Sandbag’ Makeup Technique

sandbag makeup tecnique

It may sound kind of gross or be a weird name for a technique, but ‘sandbagging’ your makeup is actually a really awesome way to stop makeup from creasing, smudging, or moving throughout the day.

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Sandbagging is similar to baking your makeup but instead of trying to create a highlight the way baking would, we ‘sandbag’ to increase the longevity of our makeup and to stop creasing and smudging.

What you’ll need

  • Translucent powder or loose powder
  • Cosmetic wedge sponge

Under the eyes

This technique is perfect for under your eyes after you’ve already done your concealer. What you need to do is dip the cosmetic sponge into your loose powder and then press the sponge high up under your eye. Make sure the powder is pressed all along your lash line up to your bottom lashes. Leave it on for a few minutes and brush it away.

sandbag makeup tecnique

This means that when the powder sets nothing will move. So if you use kohl eyeliners, mascara, liquid eyeliner or anything else creamy along your water line the powder will prevent it from smudging or moving.

Around the lips  

This technique is also perfect if you have issues with lipstick bleeding or smudging. Before you’re about to put on your lipstick, ‘sandbag’ all along the line of your lips with the cosmetic wedge dipped into some loose powder. Wait a few minutes before brushing the powder off and apply your lipstick.

This is perfect for older women who have issues with their lipstick bleeding in the fine lines around their mouths. It’s also great for preventing foundation fading around your mouth area during the day, especially when you eat.

Take a look at makeup expert Wayne Goss demonstrating how to sandbag.

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