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Would You Wear This Fur?

petite mort fur

Is it ever ethical to wear real fur? Taking the skin off a dead animal to keep warm is a primal instinct, but taking it off for fashion is a little bit wrong. Instead of wearing faux fur to feed your inner Cruella de Vil, the fashion label Petite Mort has created an ‘ethical’ way to wear real fur.

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Instead of supporting fur farms, where innocent animals are farmed to be killed and skinned, Petite Mort plays on accidental fur, with pelts coming from animals who have been accidentally hit and killed along high ways. Founder of Petite Mort, Pamela Paquin, used Etsy to sell her unique fur pieces that had been recovered from roadkill.

petite mort fur

The carcass of the animals from which the fur is taken are but back into the environment, thus feeding the circle of environmental life.

Each piece from the collection is hand made by Pamela, making each piece unique – a highly sought after characteristic in a whole of mass production.

So what do you think about Petite Mort fur? It certainly makes a grey area of what’s right and wrong.Β Choosing Petite Mort over fur farmed pieces is an easy choice because, as their slogan says, good taste is never at the expense of an other.

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