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Trend Talk: Fur Is Back

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In the wake of fashion weeks around the world coming to a close, the top trends are being divided out from the pack as some of the hottest things that we will be wearing this season.Β 

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And one thing that was a standout on the runway, and prominent on the store shelves is fur. While real fur is a little controversial to draped over yourself in winter, faux fur is your more humane option to keep you warm and stylish.

Cosy fur coats, furry detailing and even fluffy bags are making appearances on the list of what should be in our wardrobes. Louis Vuitton, Topshop Unique, Lanvin, Saint Laurent and Marni, were among a few designers who are making the most of this vintage trend and bringing it back to life.

trends from louis vuitton aw15
Louis Vuitton

Even, anti-fur animal activist Stella McCartney, who has never used real fur or leather in her collections, has added faux fur to her collection this year, which means the trend is going to be huge. Her ‘fur-free fur’ pieces look so real that she encourages women to choose the faux route instead of real fur, because it’s just not needed. With faux fur being of such good quality and design, real fur doesn’t need to come to mind.

Fur is out in stores too, with many brands bringing out vests and jackets in cosy fabrics.Β We’ve picked out some of the cutest faux fur pieces in store for you to get your hands on.

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2 thoughts on “Trend Talk: Fur Is Back

  1. Faux leather is ugly as sin..are we sure faux fur is any better? I don’t know. Faux fur is worse in a landfill then real fur, so I am just not sure its a good answer. I think as a grown up i would be fine with fur, as long as its farm bred. Its not like rabbits are going to be endangered species andy time soon, and as I like to eat animals, I don’t see why i shouldn’t wear them. Besides, REAL fur is WARM!!!! Faux fur isn’t very.

    1. Thanks for your view Martine. There are multiple arguments for and against faux fur. Ultimately for me, if it looks good and feels good, I’m sold! πŸ™‚

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