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How To Make Corporate Fun

How to make corporate fun

When you’re dressing for ‘the man’ everyday, your outfits can start to reflect your repetitive attitude.

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Black and white boring seems to seep into your life and take over your wardrobe. But take it from someone who knows – black and white does not have to be boring, and corporate doesn’t have to be black and white.

Add some texture

You can add a little fun to your outfit by mixing up your textures. A silk shirt or blazer, a little lace panel in your shirt or a lattice panelled skirt. You can still look just as professional with a change of texture and this livens up your outfit and makes you feel great!

How to make corporate fun

Change colours

Contrary to what you think, corporate doesn’t have to mean black and white. Switch up your suit colours with beautiful jewel tones, and if you’re really bold, add a great, bright coloured pair of shoes, a scarf or a belt that pops.

How to make corporate fun

Switch up the pants

Slacks are super appropriate, yes, but add in some differences. Try a long line pair, go for high waisted with detail, or if you are super brave, try a pair of cropped, black jeans with heels, a feminine top and a smart blazer with a great bag.

How to make corporate fun

Glam it up

Don’t be afraid to show off your glam at the office by wearing those luxe heels, those bold necklaces and that expensive watch. If you’ve got it, flaunt it and take it to the bar afterwards.

How to make corporate fun

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