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5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

It’s hard to look good in winter when you’re covered from head to toe. You either rug up and look like an oversized potato or wear less layers and risk frostbite. Here are some tips to keep warm this cold winter while still looking super cute.

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Make it oversized

There’s something that looks and feels so comfy when you wear oversized clothes. Wearing an oversized, chunky sweater or cardigan looks so relaxed and stress-free, which is what you want to be – especially in winter. Make sure you pair your oversized item with tight pants to balance out the outfit. If you’re worried about losing your shape under all that oversized fabric then keep it monochromatic. Keep your outfit all one colour, like black, so you look longer and slimmer.

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

Layer it

Of course we have to have layers in winter, but there is a chic way to go about it. Layer items like short sleeved sweaters or turtlenecks under long sleeve tops. This will not only keep you warm but give your outfit so much dimension.

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

Keep it detailed

A great and simple way to add some interesting touches to your outfit is to make sure you have details. Add a scarf or a hat for an extra element for others to look at. Or instead of wearing plain jeans maybe wear ones with zip pockets or rips. Or a jacket with faux fur around the collar. In other words, accessorise accordingly.

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

Accentuate your legs

Most of us opt for booties in winter. Booties are awesome and are great for keeping your feet warm, but they can also make your legs look short. Switch up your normal boots for some knee high or thigh highs. These types of boots elongate your legs and make you look super long and sexy.

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

Add a coat

I think everyone looks more chic and fabulous when they’re wearing a coat – but not just any coat. A statement coat. This can be anything from bright red, furr, plaid… but make sure its thick enough to keep you warm and long. The longer the coat the cuter the outfit.

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

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