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An Airport Hack We All Need To Know

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Right so here’s the deal. You’ve made it to Changi Airport, Singapore. You haven’t booked a meal on your flight because you’re a tightwad and/or you just don’t quite enjoy those pre-made meals.

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Your plan to smuggle on board snacks and drinks by outsmarting security and the cabin crew is in motion.

travel, changi airport, refill stationYou make it to the luggage scanners and as you pray your secret stash makes it through without being surrendered … success!

Food – 1, Security – 0

And then you hear a voice ask, “Is this your bag madam?”

They remove your unbroken water, and throw it in the bin. Now you’re stuck with paying $4SGD for a 330ml Evian water bottle that’ll last you two sips.

Water – 0, Security – 1

You sit and sulk thinking about how dehydrated you’ll be after this 7-hour flight when you notice something.

Something repetitive, that everyone but yourself seems to be doing.

Every other passenger has at least 3 empty water bottles that they managed to get through security and are – smugly –filling up at the two water-fountain stations at the gate entrance.

So you sit and sulk; telling yourself that, next time, you will NOT forget an empty water bottle.

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