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How To Travel In Style

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At some point in our lives, we’ve always wanted to feel like a celeb or a VIP, but it comes out even more so when we travel.

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Sitting in cattle class next to people you don’t know, catching public transport to your destination and snuggling up on your mediocre mattress aren’t exactly dream travel experiences. But there are a few ways to splurge and give yourself that ultimate travel in style experience.

Upgrade your luggage

It starts from as little as your luggage. Investing in some great quality and trendy luggage will have you feeling that much more special when you step foot in the airport. Say goodbye to tattered material cases and invest in a funky coloured or neutral hard case for your travels. You can even match your carry on with your large suitcase.

Upgrade your cabin class

I know that it’s a little pricey, but if you’re heading off on a long haul trip, trust me, it’s worth it. Splurging on Business class or putting a little extra towards Premium Economy will make your trip more comfortable and make you feel special with priority check in, better food and a larger luggage allowance. Look out for great deals that you can score from your favourite airlines.

Excess your accessories

You know those fabulous flat lay photos that people take? You too can take them by investing in some higher class accessories. They’ll make your photos look great and the great quality will hopefully withstand your travels.

Find the right hotel

When looking for accommodation, of course the room is important, but you don’t need to book the most expensive, luxury suite to feel like a star. Look for other things in the hotel which will make you feel amazing and will give you some fantastic photographs to make your Instagram followers jealous. Rooftop views, a trendy bar and a great pool are just a few things to find when you pick out your next hotel.

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