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How To Style Your Hair For Spring Racing

Hair styles

It’s Melbourne Cup Day, how are you going to wear your hair? There’s many ways to style it without having to get it cut and styled at a hairdresser – especially at the 11th hour! Try these two styles out…

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Sleek High Ponytail

Hair, High Ponytail

A high ponytail is the latest craze this year! It’s sleek and super easy to do. Β Just brush your hair towards the crown of your head.

To tease your hair, you will need to use a brush or comb and gently comb back towards your roots while holding a section of your hair up. This will add volume!

Gather the back of your hair, as you are adding a ponytail on top of another one. Pull the hair, just from your ears into a small ponytail at the crown of your head. Use your hands to smooth it out and secure it with a hair tie.

Hold the hair in the ponytail up and use a brush to lightly comb back towards it – which will create more volume. Leave the first pony tail in place and pull your other hair up around it. Smooth it out with your hand or brush and secure it around the first pony tail with another hair tie. All done!

Sea Breeze Waves

Hair, Wavy

This style is perfect for a beach chic look in summer and it’s a breeze! Wash your hair before you scrunch it. Dry it until it’s damp and apply product. Scrunch your hair into sections and blow dry cool air on your waves. The final touch – apply a lightweight hairspray to your wavy hair.

A up or down style – no matter which one you will look really stylish plus they’re simple!

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