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How To Add Accessories To Your Style

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Accessories can add a little something extra to your look. There are so many to choose from – from necklaces, rings to bracelets and bags. You can choose from a range of different styles from bohemian to elegant chic or even a edgy teenage chic.

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Read more on how to add these super stylish accessories to your look!

1. Bohemian Necklaces

Accessories, Bohemian, Necklaces

A bohemian style chic, wear some bohemian style necklaces! They’re colourful, big and have layers of different amazing designs and shapes. They’re bold and creative and not to bulky!

Wear a bohemian style dress with a bare chest and wear these style of necklaces with pride! You will stand out and look colourful and earthy!

2. Colorful Oddly Shaped Rings

Accessories, Style, Rings

Pick a long ring that has shapes or different patterns in your favorite color! Your hands will look elegant or even edgy but very stylish! It adds a nice element to your look and your hands will stand out.

3. Themed Bracelets

Accessories, Style, Bracelets

Themed bracelets are super popular and cute. You can get different themed ones, from beach to nature and friendship to travel. They’re beautiful, fun and not bulky!

There’s different layers with different features which makes it interesting, bold and creative! Wear your bracelet whilst on the go and at parties. You’ll reveal to everyone your passions whilst adding extra flavour and colour to your look.

4. Chained Bags

Accessories, Style, Chained Bags

Want a edgy but elegant accessory? Chained hand bags are the way to go. They’re stylish, trendy and sexy as hell! They’re light and small, perfect for when you don’t need a lot to put in your bag. There’s many colours, designs and patterns to choose from, from animal print leather to shapes and plain. Add this to your denim and edgy but still stylish street style and you will look sexy.

There you have it ladies, with these accessories you will add a extra super stylish and hot look to your style!

Images: Pinterest, Getty and IMAXTREE.COM

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