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How To: Look Great After A Long Flight

How To Look Great After A Long Flight

Stepping off the plane or out of the airport looking fabulous gives you a wonderful feeling of superiority over those who have neglected to fix themselves up after a long flight. Looking good will also make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the baggage carousel and the final leg of transport to your destination.Β 

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Keeping moisture in your skin is a must when flying. Airline cabins dry out your skin so ensure you have brought small containers of facial moisturiser, hand cream and of course, lip balm. These will keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Sheet masks are also great for flying as they are the least messiest form of face masks and you can have your own spa treatment, no matter who you’re seated next to. Hydration also comes from within and long before you step on the plane. Drinking enough water and steering clear of alcohol and excessive amounts of salt will not only help to keep skin hydrated but will also stop bloating and discomfort during the flight.

Keep makeup light

While you do want to look good when walking through the airport before your flight, wearing a full face of makeup will clog pores and cause impurities in the skin. Swap your usual foundation for a tinted moisturiser to hydrate your skin and give you that bit of colour. Add a little mascara to brighten you eyes and save the rest of the makeup until landing time.

Keep hair at bay

Your hair also takes a beating during the flight, being tied up and pushed against the window or the person next to you. It is advisable not to hairspray before a flight as your hair will take to the position that you have slept in. A loose top knot can be great for avoiding hair tie kinks and creating a loose wave. Worried that your hair will be too flat? Slip on a scarf to hide your plane hair until you get to an airport bathroom where you can spray as many products as you want.

Stay comfortable

Having a change of clothes in your carry on baggage is great as you are able to look sophisticated in the airport and can then change after take off. It is widely known that when choosing people to upgrade, flight attendants choose those who present well. Avoid heels during the flight and switch to a pair of comfortable plane slippers and clothes that won’t harm your circulation. This will also make it more comfortable to sleep so you won’t get dark under eyes.

Change into your airport outfit

Before landing, slip into the bathroom so you can change into a great outfit that suits your destination and wash off that face mask. Wipe your face over with makeup wipes so your pores are clean before you add any more makeup. Opt for light, natural makeup and please, whatever you do, don’t use a Sharpie as eyeliner (Taylor Swift, we’re looking at you). Fix your hair as best you can and give yourself a wipe over with baby wipes so you’re feeling refreshed. Don’t forget to apply fresh deodorant and brush your teeth (hello travel sized toothpaste) so that you feel clean as well as look it.


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