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Most Romantic Holiday Destinations

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This time of year is all about romance. Whether you’re whisking your other half away for a getaway or simply having a relaxing weekend for two, we’ve compiled the best romantic destinations to enjoy each other’s company and rekindle your love.

Romantic holidays for couples often stem around the tropics and luxury resorts. Locations such as Bora Bora, Seychelles, Corsica and the Bahamas are perfect for lazy days in the sun and sand with picturesque sunsets and cocktails galore. The open water and tropical location will have you and your partner feeling relaxed and connected. Explore the ocean, regroup at a day spa and enjoy dinners by the water with the one you love.

Keen for a romantic getaway without the sand? Europe is full of destinations that will put stars in your eyes. Tuscany and Venice are classic romantic destinations best shared with a lover. Fine wine and dining, history and the ever famous Venice Gondola ride are just a few reasons to visit the cobblestoned streets of Italy.

Who could forget the city of love on this list of romantic holiday destinations? Paris oozes love and romance with scenic walks, rides and views for couples and shopping to boot. What better way to spoil your special someone in Paris than with gifts by day and long dinners by night. Don’t forget to walk hand in hand to the Eiffel Tower and take a classic kiss photograph.

The Greek Islands also house locations for lovers to escape to. Islands such as Mykanos and Santorini are destinations full of culture and romance with picturesque coastlines to put you in the mood for love. Look forward to candle lit dinners with wine and traditional food near crystal, blue water and mild nights.

Of course, there are beautiful and romantic destinations in places you may not deem romantic, such as the United States. New York is a dream of many women; strolling through Central Park and down 5th Avenue, seeing the lights of Times Square and a musical on Broadway. The fast paced city is surprisingly romantic and glamorous and will have you two falling in love all over again. Snuggling up and drinking hot chocolate are just some of the perks of visiting a colder climate.

Head over to the west side and visit San Francisco. Famous for its misty Golden Gate Bridge walk, stunning views, historic cable cars and of course seafood and wine, the city of San Francisco is full of culture and plenty of places to feel the romance. Travel north for less than an hour to a collection of wineries. Stay at a spa and pamper yourselves in the cooler climate of Napa Valley.

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