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Gym Classes To Get You Going In The New Year

workouts to try in 2015

New year, new me, smaller dress size, blah blah, etcetera. We’ve all heard the spiel from girlfriends wearing new clothes over margaritas and tacos.
We all vow to get in better shape in the new year, and really, there’s no better time to reinvent yourself. However, we propose a small change to the slurred resolutions blabbed on New Year’s Day as a result of all night partying – actually complete them!

Shock, horror! Completing your New Year’s Resolution seems to be a part of the process that many people forget about.

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If one of your resolutions this year was in get in better shape, improve your fitness, lose weight work out a certain number of times per week, why not make things a little more fun and social and join a fitness class. It’s a lot easier to spend an hour at the gym when you’re having fun and sweating it out in a killer workout class. You can bring friends or make new ones and motivation then become a lot easier than if you were lifting weights alone.

There are a lot of weird and wonderful classes out there to try and the new year is the perfect time to test them out and find the ones you like. Why not try these five classes that you may not have considered before?

Jungle Roots

The Jungle Body program was invented by Tara Simich in Perth. She identified a gap in fitness classes to create a series of Jungle Body classes that are easy, fun and fat-burning and are made up of different genres to work the entire body. There are 5 different classes in the Jungle Body program; Tyga, Vypa, Jagua, Burn!, and Konga. Each is a high energy workout that combines different elements to sculpt the body. The Jungle Body classes are available in Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand so check out the website to find a class near you.


Bounce Your Way To Fit

You might think trampolines are for kids and gymnasts but the trampoline workouts are low impact and a lot of fun. While mini trampoline workouts are more common in the USA and UK, those unable to find the workout at a gym near them can invest in a mini trampoline and workout from the comfort of their own home with an instruction DVD. Trampfit classes are also available at selected indoor trampoline parks like Flip Out and Sky Zone. These classes range from fitness to flipping and will get your heart pumping. Check out the classes that Sky Zone offers here.


Yoga With A Twist

You’ve all heard of Bikram Yoga and how great it is, but you’ve never been brave enough to try it. Well, it’s time to get out that yoga mat and go to a class, because you might just love it. Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 postures and two sets of breathing exercises performed in a room with a temperature of 40.6°C to allow muscles to be stretched and thus toxins released. It builds immunity and strengthens and tones the body. Bikram Yoga is available at many studios across the country, and in many cities across the world.

SUP Yoga is also gaining popularity around the world, that is, doing yoga on paddle board in the ocean. For hardcore yogis with excellent balance, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga might be the challenge you need! Just check out Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen and her Instagram for inspiration and information on classes. Sydney-siders can check out SUP Yoga Sydney here or at Manly Kayak Centre here.

Animal Instincts

ZUU is a fitness classed based on high intensity primal movement patterns with strength and endurance body weight exercises. It sounds a little weird and honestly, it looks a little weird but it is one heck of a workout. ZUU uses your own body weight to train and strengthen and looks a little like a bootcamp, but shoes are optional. ZUU aims to strengthen the body for all planes of movement, not just traditional weight training. The training is used for the Navy and Air Force and is available in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

Pole Fierce

Pole dancing is a very popular class for young women. Not only is it about body confidence, it works to strengthen and tone the body from lifting and holding your own weight on a pole. Strippers don’t have killer bodies for no reason – pole dancing is hard, but it also achieves good results and you’ll make great new friends in your class. There are many pole dancing studios around, just search for your closest one to work on your strength, flexibility and sexiness.


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