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Fast-Track Your Bikini Body

Miss Nutrition, Rhiannon Harris

With the warmer months ahead it’s time to get our bikini bodies ready! Yes, exercise is an amazing way to get bodies in shape and build strength, resilience and bone density – however, it is important that we complement our program and consume a balance of vitamins and supplements to help digestion, break fat and help tone muscle. If our bodies experience an imbalance of vitamins and minerals, physical activity expended will be wasted on the treadmill.

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During intense exercise, vitamins and mineral deficiency and over exercise has the potential to cause damage. So, if you are wanting to start a new exercise program or intensify an existing program, ensure you have an adequate supply of vitamin D, B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, as well as some antioxidants such as vitamins C, to ensure optimum energy production and the building and repair of muscle tissue.

Miss Nutrition, otherwise known as Rhiannon Harris, shares a few simple tips if your body needs an extra kick to get ready for that bikini, or just want some easy ways to stay on track. These are some tips you can use right now to maximise your fitness.


A hydrated body is a happy, healthy, fat burning body. There is so much that can be said here, but just know that this alone can and will hold back your progress. For example, if your fat cells are not hydrated, you’re making it extremely difficult for your body to actually release fat to be used as fuel…NOT what we want!

On top of that, random headaches, fatigue, irregularity, bloating and even skin health will all take a turn for the worst if you’re not getting enough water – especially around your training times. With summer coming, this needs to be top of your list.

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Start small

Instead of thinking about your big ultimate goal every day, break it down into tiny steps and habits. So, instead of waking up every day thinking of the 10kg you want to drop, focus on the 1kg you want to drop this week and what you’re going to do on that day to help make it happen.

Your meals, your training, your recovery, and how you will nourish yourself. These are all positive things – not negative. One day is much easier to digest than a handful of weeks! This is a journey, and the process will change. So just get started and don’t look back.

Sprint to success

Honestly, these suck. If you do them right, it’s short, hard and rewarding, but they kick your butt! Sprints are fantastic if you don’t have much time to train, and can do them safely. They take 10-20 minutes, and do the job of ramping up fat burning for the entire day, and even into the next day. If you aren’t training as much, due to the busy season, these are a great way to maximise your time 2-3 days per week.

Do something active every single day

Even if it’s not a main training day where there is no hard session planned, you can still do something. A walk. A hike. The beach. We weren’t meant to just sit around, so get that bum moving!

When in doubt, go for full body weight training

Just like the sprints, full body high intensity workouts are a great way to maximize your time and your results. Don’t be afraid of the weights, girls. Resistance training is the best way to boost your metabolism, get strong, and get lean. Doing this 3-4 times per week will put you way ahead of the ‘summer sillies’.

Stacey Vanoska
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