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Fashion And Makeup Inspo For Spring Racing 2015

spring racing carnival

The highlight of the racing year is without a doubt the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. The four-day event held at Flemington Racecourse is a time to celebrate horse racing, spring, a festive atmosphere… and let’s not forget the fashion! If you’re the type of person who likes to dress up in their finest then these four days are the best excuse for you.

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Choosing an outfit can be simple if you keep a few things in mind. The events are held during the day, so go with something daytime appropriate. You’re not hitting up the club, so wear something on the classy side (think knee length). Lastly, If you’re struggling to find an outfit, go with something simple and wear a flashy headpiece.

Derby Day

Derby Day is the first day to kick off the Spring Racing Carnival. It’s the most elegant of all the days and wearing black and white is tradition – which is awesome, because this makes things a lot simpler for us. You can slip into your favourite little black dress and save yourself the stress of figuring out what to wear. If not, you can go with something the polar opposite and rock an all white outfit.

Because the colours are so simple, you’ll want all the details to be in the clothing. Structured, well-made clothes are a must, and if you”re the type of person who likes to stand out an extravagant headpiece is your best option (cat ears are totally in).

Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup is not only the day a race stops the nation, it’s a day to go big and bold with your dress.

If you’ve been too scared to step out of your comfort zone with your clothing choices then now is your chance to take a risk! Melbourne Cup is a day to have fun, celebrate your day off, and standout. Bright colours and loud prints are the best way to go. Try out headwear that has some flair but keep in mind that it matches your outfit (you still need to look cohesive). Although Melbourne Cup is a day to mix up your style you’ll want to keep it on the classy side. Once again this means keeping your mini’s tucked away in your closet.

Oaks Day

Oaks Day is a day for us ladies. Because it is ‘ladies’ day dressing like a ‘lady’ or on the more feminine side is your best option. That means lacy dresses, soft colours and pretty hair…think very girly. You can never go wrong with a flowy dress or a floral print. Pastel colours are also a good choice to look very feminine with a flower headpiece – or even a floppy hat will give that sweet look.

Try and stay away from darker colours like black and grey. If you want to incorporate black into your look, opt for darker shoes or accessories.

Stakes Day

Stakes Day is a more relaxed and casual day compared to the rest of the Spring Carnival. It’s also known as ‘family day’ so prepare for some hyper children to be running around at your feet. This of course means that your outfit can reflect the casual atmosphere and there’s less pressure to choose an outfit.

Go for more ‘relaxed’ clothing and headpieces. A simple two piece like a skirt and top, or loose tailored pants are the way to go. Any colour palette would be a good choice with a pair of comfy wedges and a hat. Remember you can be comfy but still presentable.


Because the Spring Racing Carnival is held during the day, light, casual makeup is your safest bet. For Derby Day and Stakes Day, black winged liner with a nude lip and rosy cheeks works best for the black and white theme or that casual vibe of Stakes Day. Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day is when you can play around with colourful eyeshadows and bold lips – but go bold with only one feature. If you choose a vibrant red lip keep your eyes on the neutral side. If your eyes are extra smokey then keep your lips nude. This makes sure that your face isn’t too full on and only one feature is the focus point. For all days though, glowing skin is a must so go heavy with that highlighter!

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