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Trend Talk: Velvet Nails

Ever since Blake Lively rocked fuzzy fingertips for her wedding, the velvet nail trend has swiftly been on the rise. Seen on everyone from Rihanna, Katy Perry and Alexa Chung, this modern manicure is a simple yet stylish way to jazz up boring nails!

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Trend Talk: Velvet Nails
These velvet textured nails are incredibly chic yet easy to achieve. All you need is your favourite nail polish colour and flocking powder available at most craft stores or online.

Simply sprinkle flocking powder all over wet, freshly painted nails (gently dusting off any excess powder) and let it dry. When it’s dry, your velvet nails are ready!
Trend Talk: Velvet Nails
Tip: Don’t apply a top coat otherwise it’ll cause patchy unevenness to your velvet manicure and ruin your clear top coat polish.

You can even get really creative with this trend, like this adorable Monster’s Inc. inspired mani by Pixel’s Polish.
Trend Talk: Velvet Nails
Brands like Nail Rock, Ciate and Sally Hansen also offer DIY kits with instructions to make your unique nails even easier to achieve!

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