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Fashion Flashback: Tie Dye

Tie Die, Bohemian

Tie Dye was a big hit in the 60s and 70s. It’s made a come back this year! Thank god because let’s face it tie dye is amazing. Plus, it’s a big hit at numerous run way shows – New York Fashion Week Spring, which we love!

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There’s many ways to wear them, from simple tee’s to dresses, skirts and pants. It adds creativity to a simple tee or dress and you can make it yourself. Want some tie dye to your plain style then read on!

Bold Colorful Tee

Tie dye, Tee

A tie dye tee was a big hit back in the day! This year its even better and more creative. Love bold colors? Wear a pink, blue and purple one with patterns or spirals. It’s perfect for a comfy on the go look with a pair of denim jeans – of course!

Summer Time

Tie Dye, Dresses

Tie dye design dresses are the way to go this summer! They’re short and don’t fall so tightly over your body. Perfect for a hot day on the beach. The cotton is soft and choose a simple one color design over the whole dress!

Rainbow Spirals

Tie Dye, Skirt, Spirals

Love bright colors? Wear a round spiral rainbow tie dye long skirt. It has a bohemian look to it and its perfect for hot days. This style in the ’70s was lighter and had more patterns but this year they are more colorful, chic and stylish!

Comfy Creative Pants

Tie Dye, Pants, Comfy

In the 70s tie-dye pants were much more bohemian with its colors and patterns but this year – they’re much more simple and trendy. Wear a striped lighter and darker same colour shade design! A tight one for your frame and the fabric is soft for comfort.

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