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How To: Feng Shui Your Place For Spring

Spring is here! It’s the season for renewal, happiness and love. Feeling tired and like you have no energy, the answer is to Feng Shui your home and your energy will lift.Β Read more for some amazing super easy tips on how to Feng Shui your home for spring.

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1. Health Kick

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Want to improve your health. The solution is to get rid of all the clutter that’s blocking the energy flow in your kitchen.Β Start with your fridge and clean out all the products that you don’t use. Clean your stove and counters.

Feng Shui, Home, Spring, LifestyleDeclutter your cupboards and move all the things that’s on the counters for a bare and de cluttered counter space.

2. Front Entrance Feng Shui Plants

Place vibrant, fresh pot plants by your front entrance. Different types of palm plants and Ivy is the best. It symbolises new beginnings and luck.

It will refresh your energy and leave you vibrant!

3. Open Lounge Area

Feng Shui, Home, Spring, Lifestyle

Your coffee table filled with things, get rid of them and leave it minimal. Place a nice small pot plant of your choice in the middle and a small amount of books or magazines on each side.

Underneath have a multi-coloured or your favorite colour table material piece and it will bring some creativity to your space. Buy some printed cushions and place them along your couch for extra boldness!

Feng Shui, Home, Spring, Lifestyle4. Love Bound Bedroom

Want to fall in love this spring. Do a Feng Shui clean in your bedroom! Clean your cupboard space and remove everything underneath your bed.

Dust every surface and re decorate your room with objects and bed sheet covers. Don’t forget to get rid of things that you’ve had since 6 months.

5. Clean and Simple Bathroom

Feng Shui, Home, Spring, Lifestyle

Turn your bathroom into a dust free zone! For a serene element, add a bowl of pebbles near your sink. Pebbles is a relaxing method!

Add some candles near your bath and any free counter space, add some pot plants. It will be a clean, calm and fresh environment!

Follow these easy steps and you will feel refreshed energetic and in love!

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