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How To Care For Your Body In An Aussie Summer

All us Australians know that summer down under is usually a scorcher and this year will be no exception. Experts have predicted that this year will be one of the hottest years on records and expect we will have multiple heat waves where temperatures will reach the high-30s to mid-40s. While we’re all sweltering away searching for any way to keep cool our bodies will be suffering big time.

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It’s easy to forget about basic beauty regimes while we’re busy fending of flies and mosquitoes and lacquering ourselves in sunscreen or aloe vera for the less sunsmart of us. But our bodies need extra protection from head to toe during the blistering heat.

First let’s look at our hair. Constant exposure to extreme heat and UV rays naturally dries out hair, sucking the moisture right from the roots. Sun damage can also manifest into faded colour, brittle and dry hair shafts and split ends. Mix in excessive salt water and chlorine and we have a recipe for disaster. That naturally tousled beach wave may look good now, but it won’t in the morning. Deep conditioning treatments and sun protecting sprays need to become our new besties. We also need to find a trendy hat that can work for any occasion because a red, itchy, and flaky scalp is not pretty.

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Similarly our skin needs some major protective services. Hit the shops and invest in SPF 30+ and a moisturiser perfect for dry skin. Like our hair, the heat and pool water works to dry it out and with our constant shaving and waxing we need to take care to replenish the moisture in our skin so we don’t end up with that gross scaly feeling. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a bottle of aloe Vera handy just incase you slip up at the beach.

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Finally, just because we’re sweating up a swimming pool doesn’t mean we need to neglect our makeup bags for months on end. During the heat it’s best to opt for light, natural makeups that still allow the skin to breathe. Start by using a light moisturiser with SPF ingredients to hydrate your skin and protect it from the suns rays. Try to avoid liquid foundations because they’re pretty heavy; instead opt for tinted moisturiser followed by a touch of bronzer to create that natural looking glow.

If you want to use eyeliner, try to use powdered liner as the solid stuff doesn’t hold up well in heat and humidity, then for any eye shadow keep it light ensuring to use a primer underneath so it stays in place. Lastly you want a little waterproof mascara so you don’t get panda eyes and natural looking lips come with a little tinted lip balm or lip-gloss.

To really nail your summer look you want to keep your look as natural as possible. It’s also important to stay hydrated with lots of water and ensure you don’t do your body any damage from prolonged sun exposure. The number one thing to remember is that we’re only given one body, so please look after it.

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