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The Best And Worst Celeb Street Style

The art of street style comes naturally to some celebrities, like long legged girls Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift, and for others, it makes you question what they were thinking when they left the house that morning.

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Back in the 2000s, it was celebrity (and mere mortal) custom to slodge out of the house in ugg boots and denim shorts with an oversized sweater and a messy bun. Who could blame them really? Working long days and always being made up can be draining, hence why we would indulge in a little ugg boot style ourselves. These days though, with the likes of Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba pioneering street style a couple of years back, our off duty wardrobe has completely transformed, with ugg boots and sweats allowed inside the house only.

Most celebrities are embracing the likes of ripped denim jeans, trendy jackets and plain or striped t-shirts for their street style when out getting groceries or having lunch with friends, while others are still stuck in the past.

Let’s check out the best and worst celeb street style:

Best: Taylor Swift

T-Swizzle has been killing it lately. From embracing herself and making an album that she was one hundred per cent happy with, to dating Calvin Harris and touring the world, the superstar also has an impressive streak with her street style. Whether she’s in Los Angeles or up in New York, Taylor knows how to style her off duty outfits, probably with the help of her adorable cats.

best and worst celebrity street style

Worst: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is known for her girl-next-door sweetness and the unfortunate luck of being married to Tom Cruise. The only time she is known for her street style is because of how ridiculous it is. Recently spotted in New York in red leggings, heels, a denim jacket and a backpack, Katie isn’t exactly oozing fabulousness.

best and worst celebrity street style

Best: Any of the Kardashians

With makeup artists and hair stylists on call, plus a a stacked wardrobe (or your sister’s to choose from), the Kardashian ladies are always looking fabulous wherever there is a camera. Their street style is differed among all five, but each woman knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to look a little glam when dressing down. Even mama Kris knows how to keep up with her girls when it comes to street style.

best and worst celebrity street style

Worst: Fergie

Fergie usually looks fierce, but her street style is lacking some class. Thongs, oversized everything and grimy looking hair don’t exactly scream alternative, so much as they scream dishevelled. Lucky her pipes are much better than her off duty style.

best and worst celebrity street style

Best: Solange Knowles

While her sister BeyoncΓ© is the traditionally famous one in the family, Solange has been getting plenty of attention for her stellar street style. Using bright popping colours and fits completely tailored to her shape, Solange knows how to work it in the street.

best and worst celebrity street style

Worst: Britney Spears

Poor old Brit is still stuck in her haze of former fame in the early 2000’s, when t-shirts and ugg boots were accepted as the norm. Granted, she goes to a lot of kid’s soccer games and ice cream runs, but come on Britney, can’t you just swaps the slippers for a cute pair of ankle boots instead?

best and worst celebrity street style

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