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Kris Jenner’s Latest Clothing Copy

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Of all the controversial mums in the celebrity world, Kris Jenner has to be the absolute queen of drama. With five daughters and a son under her, Kris is a heavy mumager, getting into her children’s lives and influencing each move they make, career-wise and personally.

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And the 59 year old has made some great decisions for them with the Kardashians being one of, if not the most, famous family in the world. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie all have their own fabulous careers, jetting all over the world and calling it work.

However, sometimes Kris is in the spotlight and when she is, she’s often wearing something that her kids have already worn. Most of us would find it a little embarrassing if our mum was wearing a low cut dress that we wore two months ago or working it in a bikini for the camera, but then again, the Kardashians really do have something else going on.

at Most recently, Kris stepped out in the famous Givenchy body suit that Kim wore at Paris Fashion Week. In such a memorable outfit, it’s hard not to notice that Kris is stealing her daughter’s clothes. Let’s take a look at the outfits that Kris has stolen from her kids.

kris jenner, kim kardashian, same outfits, stealing clothes
Kris loved the Givenchy body suit and thigh high boots

Kris seems to have a taste for Givenchy, getting her hands on the Givenchy body suit (above), the Givenchy ruched skirt and top combo and the patterned maxi dress that Kim has worn in the past. Not that we can blame her; Kim’s style is one of the most recognised in the world, especially now that Kanye is on the scene, getting rid of Kim’s old clothes and dressing her in high fashion labels.

Kris has also been seen in the red Valentino, which really did look great on both ladies, the Balmain leather blazer and the crocodile Emilio Pucci mini dress that was seen on Khloe first. The Saint Laurent mini dress and Stella McCartney dress with sheer panelling were also on Kris’ list as she’s worked her way through her daughter’s wardrobe.

kris jenner, kim kardashian, same outfits, stealing clothes
The red Valentino

In a couple of instances though, Kris has passed the outfit on to her daughter, like the clingy Donna Karen army-green dress – we’d do the same if that’s what our mum stocked in her wardrobe. I guess it really pays to have family members with style.

What do you think? Does Kris look good in Kim’s clothes or should she make her own style choices?

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